WordPress Training

Welcome!  This is the WordPress Training Section

These training videos cover using the Basic WordPress Dashboard to manage your website.

You may find additional features on the Dashboard that are not included in these videos.
Those features are part of a unique toolset developed especially for you by Red Zebra Media, Inc..
Additional training videos for these features will be available in the near future.

Section 1: First Post

1. Introduction to WordPress dashboard
2. Making a post
3. Editing posts
4. Tags and Categories
5. Links section

Section 2: Pages, Advance editing

6. What is a page?
7. WordPress comments
8. The Media Library
9. Using widgets
10. Understanding the WordPress editor
11. WordPress Plug-ins
12. Users section
13. Tools section

Section 3: Settings & Plug-ins

14. Settings: General
15. Settings: Writing
16. Settings: Reading
17. Settings: Discussion
18. Settings: Permalinks
19. Settings: Misc
20. Spam control with Akismet
21. Contact forms
22. Gravators
23. Placing a testimonial in the sidebar