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CRUSH IT With Simple Video Pro!

Pre-Launch Begins Sunday August 11th, 2012

Launch Date: Tuesday, August 21, 2012

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TONS of Cash Prizes Up For Grabs!


Video Is Where It’s At!

We’ve all seen a number of video players come and go, and they all lack one thing or another; yet, they still sell well…

But now Simple Video Pro is poised to CRUSH IT! Why? Because…

Simple Video Pro is more than JUST a Video “Player”

It’s a “Video Marketing Platform”

  …. all the things people say they wish they had are here – just check out the benefits list at the bottom of this page!
Seriously, a puppy with a note in his mouth could sell this! You – Will – Do – Awesome!
Simple Video Pro is proven with over 1,400 installs as a part of the All-in-One Viral Toolkit WSO
(now closed and re-named “FanBuzz Enterprise”).
We decided to break it out and offer it as a stand alone Video Marketing Platform plug-in for WordPress to reach a wider market.



Facebook is a smaller market than video – yet, look what some of the JVs achieved on Nick’s previous WSO:

EPC on Nick's first WSO

EPC on Nick's first WSO

EPC on Nick's first WSO


The Market For Video is Much, Much Larger:

So We Expect The EPCs on Simple Video Pro Will Be MUCH HIGHER!

Since the first launch, we’ve been honing this thing, improving it, refining it, and adding a ton of user requested features!

This is a QUALITY product your list will thank you for!

This is your opportunity to make some big cash and win some killer cash prizes!


YES! – there are 8 – Mike and I put together many ways to make you more money!!


SVP Personal: (bump code)

Front-End Options:

SVP Unlimited: (bump code)

SVP Developer: (bump code)

OTO For Each Front-End:

OTO Personal:

OTO Unlimited:

OTO Developer:

Secret OTO2 Webinar:



What Kind of Benefits Will My List Get?
– A LOT!

  • Allow Affiliates to Embed Videos On Their Site with their own affiliate links in the video to sell YOUR products!
    • The logo, banner ad, end splash image AND the Viral Like & Tweet buttons will ALL use the Affiliate’s Link! It is so EASY!
  • Allow Visitors to Embed Your Video (even YouTube videos through your SVP) with all the logos, ads, buy buttons, etc. in tact!
  • Brand videos with a Clickable Watermark Logo and drive traffic to your money sites or to affiliate offers to make cash
  • Perfectly Time an HTML Overlay or Opt-in Form Overlay that will pause the video until the user clicks a submit button!
  • Perfectly Time a Clickable Banner Ad to show up and vanish on queue (if you like) to get attention and send people to your offers!
  • Perfectly Time a Working PayPal Buy Button – right inside the video! – to make sales of your products right from the video!
  • Monetize the End-Splash Image as an affiliate link or as a big PayPal Buy Button!
  • Create attention grabbing beginning Splash Images to engage people to play and watch you videos.
  • OWN YouTube by Setting Start & Stop Points for any embeddable video! Add your logo and position it where you want. 😉
  • Snag people and Redirect Viewers to Any Site You Wish after the video ends!
  • Perfectly Time the Reveal of Content, download links, opt-in forms, buy buttons, or even other videos to keep visitors engaged and get them to take action!
  • Drive viral traffic and improve rankings to your YouTube videos using the Pinterest Pin-it Button – just check a box!
  • Drive viral traffic to your video page using the Facebook Like Button!
  • Use self hosted videos, Amazon S3 hosted videos or YouTube videos!
  • Videos play on Mobile Devices – Including the iPhone and iPad!

And the OTO offers even more!! I’ll update that list later! 

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